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Helpful Tips When Buying Eyeglasses At Our Mentor Ohio Optical

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At Family EyeCare Clinic in Mentor Ohio, we pride ourselves on an incredible selection of frames, from many of the big name designers, down to a huge variety of private label brands for the budget conscious. Every person walking into our optical is giving our very best as we try and get them leaving in a new pair that is just right. Here are some helpful tips before you shop for your next pair of frames.

Glasses are Not Just About Fashion

The first and maybe most obvious advice is that glasses, serve two functions. They are a medical device, and they are a fashion device. For this reason alone, it is always recommended visiting a reputable optometrist/optical. An experienced optician will have invaluable insight into the right colors, shapes, styles will fit your style, face, skin tone and more. An optician will help you decide what are the best solutions for your lifestyle and help you choose the best lens coatings.

Warranty is Really Important

Glasses have the tendency to break, call it Murphy's law, call it the true story of having kids. Our Mentor Optical has a great warranty will give you the peace of mind and allow you to invest in high-quality frames without worry. At Family EyeCare Clinic in Mentor, we offer a no-question-asked 12-month warranty on our selection of frames, sunglasses, and sports glasses.

Consider a Second Pair

Sure every optical wants you to buy more glasses, but in some cases, it really is a health issue. Making sure our eyes are protected from the sun's UV rays, computers and phones blue light, overstressing eyes with too much computer mid-distance vision, and protecting our eyes while playing sports are all very real health requirements to keep your eyes feeling healthy and comfortable.

Shop often

A little-known insider tip is to make your neighborhood optical a place you visit frequently, opticals have sales, giveaways, events and in general, will keep their regulars informed of all the latest.

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