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Contact Lens Policy

Professional Fees:

  • Standard Single vision evaluation 85.00
  • Premium Monovision, multifocal, toric contact
    evaluation 125.00
  • New and/or gas-permeable, synergeyes, scleral,
    keratoconus evaluation 155.00 to 300.00

Service includes prescription calculation, Microscopic corneal evaluation, keratometry, diagnostic contact lenses to verify quality vision and fit, a complimentary disinfectant solution, global care for 30
days. Following 30 days extra fees apply. All prescriptions are valid for 12 months from the original date of service.

If you:

  • Replace your contacts as prescribed
  • Purchase a year supply
  • Schedule your annual visit today


  • Instant $20.00 in house rebate
  • Free shipping
  • Exclusive Manufacturers rebates
    Insurance plan processing
  • $50.00 rebate on sunglass purchase
  • 20% off on solution purchase
  • Complete pair of prescription glasses starting at
    $99.00 (free 1 yr warranty)
  • Product return issued if non-expired contact lens
    boxes are returned undamaged, unopened and
    no written markings.

FTC Contact Lens Rule

We are required:

  • To provide their contact lens prescription either paper or digital when their evaluation is complete and we have a final prescription.
  • We must have a dated signature on file that they have received a copy of their prescription.
    If the patient refuses we must date and sign the document stating the patient refused.
  • We cannot verbally or digitally release a patients prescription without a written authorization on file.
  • We must respond to prescription verifications within 8 business hours, otherwise it is considered accurate and it will be filled in that prescription. These are crazy changes! Our AOA is working on future changes for the best interest of the patient.
  • If they are requesting a patients prescription we must respond in 40 business hours.

Their requirements:

  • Entirely recorded message, if not we do not need to fill Rx and we should report it to the FTC.
  • Must identify who they are and why they are calling
  • It must be read slowly and deliberately
  • Must be repeatable for our office.
  • Cannot alter Prescription
  • Can use the Manufacturer version of a private label lens.
  • Must provide a clear process for the patient to provide their prescription to the seller.

IF THERE ARE RETAILER VIOLATIONS PLEASE COMPLETE THE SURVEY AT: And you can submit a complaint at https://www.FTC complaint

If they are fit in Alcon products we can simply enter them into MARLO and their digital prescription will be available to them when they need it.

When a patients contact lens is complete and prescription is finalized then we provide them with two pieces of paper. Their acknowledgment form(on a pad) and their contact lens prescription (Officemate).

Dr Figler has enjoyed the many years of seeing patients at Family EyeCare Clinic and Kane and Figler Optometry and appreciated their confidence in his skills. The growth of his own practice in Slavic Village requires more of his attention located at 7211 Broadway Ave Cleveland, OH or call 216-641-0055 or visit his website We wish him the best of luck from the Family EyeCare Clinic.