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Contact Lenses

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Your Specialists for Contact Lenses in Mentor Ohio

Satisfying All Contact Lens Needs – From Expert Exams to Great Prices!

We are your No.1 provider of all contact lens services and products in Northeast Ohio. Our special mission is to ensure that all of our patients enjoy clear and comfortable contacts! Our eye doctors will evaluate your vision and eyes thoroughly to recommend the perfect contact lenses. No vision condition is too challenging for our Family EyeCare Clinic optometrists, with offices located conveniently in Painesville, Mentor, Highland Heights, and Chagrin Falls Ohio.

State-of-the-Art Contact Lens Fittings

Comfortable and healthy contact lenses begin with a detailed eye exam and skillful fitting. Using the latest diagnostic equipment, our optometrists bring years of professional experience to your eye examination. We invite you to schedule an appointment in any of our clinics -- in Mentor, Highland Heights, Painesville, or Chagrin Falls -- to benefit from our first-rate expertise in fitting contact lenses for everyone, including hard-to-fit patients.

Contact Lenses for Everyone

Modern technology and new materials have led to the manufacture of many different types of quality contact lenses. If standard lenses don’t work for you and your vision condition is corrected best by bifocals, multifocals or toric lenses, we’ll fit you with the perfect specialized lenses to promote sharp sight and healthy eyes. A wide selection of brand-name lenses is available in our stores, including monthly lenses, daily disposables, colored lenses and more! Read on for more info about contact lenses.

Basics of Contact Lenses

We believe that an informed patient is a satisfied patient, and your satisfaction is our focus! To fill you in on all you need to know about contact lenses, here’s a breakdown of the advantages, disadvantages and specific features of different contact lens types:

Soft Contact Lenses

Soft lenses win the popularity award in the US. Effective and comfortable for many vision requirements and ocular conditions, they conform to the shape of your eye and usually stay in place well. The flexible, good-fitting material makes them a superb choice for people with an active daily lifestyle. People with nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia and astigmatism can generally be treated with soft contact lenses.

A range of soft lens types is available in our Ohio stores, in Mentor, Painesville, Chagrin Falls, and Highland Heights. Here are some terms you may come across during your contact lens fitting:

  • Disposable Contact Lenses: These contact lenses are used for a limited time and then thrown away.
    • Daily disposables are used for the day and discarded at bedtime, these lenses never need to be disinfection or rinsing. Usually, disposable lenses are the costliest lens option, yet they can be an excellent choice for people who only wear lenses sporadically, as there’s no need to buy cleaning solutions.
    • They also come in weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly versions – be sure to pay heed to the recommended amount of time and cleaning / storage instructions for healthy use.
  • Daily wear: Most contact lenses are worn during the day and removed each night. These are generally less expensive than extended wear options. They must be rinsed and disinfected overnight, or thrown out, and their life span is set by the manufacturer.
  • Extended wear: Extended wear lenses can remain in your eyes while you sleep. Typically worn continuously for a week at a time, they must be sterilized or a changed for a new pair weekly. The risk of eye infections is higher with these lenses, due to overnight wearing.

Hard Contact Lenses

Today, these contact lenses are usually called rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses, to reflect advances in the manufacturing technology and materials used. They provide crisp eyesight for many vision conditions not corrected efficiently by soft lenses and are very attractive to people who didn’t experience clear vision or comfort with soft lenses. When cared for properly, durable hard lenses can last up to two or three years.

RGPs are very breathable, which reduces the incidence of eye infections. Most brands must be taken out each night and sterilized. Unlike soft lenses, which are often comfortable from the first moment you insert them, these lenses have a period of adaptation (about one week). They also tend to slip away from the center of your eye more easily.

Specialized Contact Lenses

Some vision prescriptions and corneal conditions are difficult to treat with regular contact lenses.  Nowadays though, lenses can be customized for even the most complex hard-to-fit patients. Specialized contact lenses include:

  • Bifocal/multifocal contacts: These lenses are often recommended for people with presbyopia and farsightedness. They come in both hard and soft versions.
  • Toric Lenses: These are for astigmatism.
  • Hybrid contact lenses: Hybrids have a unique construction with a rigid, gas permeable center surrounded by an external soft ring. Essentially, they combine the features of hard and soft lenses. Patients with keratoconus (with an irregular corneal curve) are often fitted successfully with hybrid lenses.
  • Colored contacts: Color blindness can now be treated with specialized tinted lenses that enhance color vision. Colored contacts are also used frequently for cosmetic reasons. Note that premium colored contacts are not the same as decorative costume lenses, which often lead to eye injury and infection.

Long-term Care for Contact Lenses

After your eye exam and contact lens fitting, we’ll prescribe the most suitable lenses for optimal vision. We’ll instruct you on the proper insertion, care and handling of your new contact lenses. When it comes to contact lenses, we encourage our patients to ask questions and take the time to learn the best contact lens practices – we’ll never rush you or send you home with your lenses until you’re ready!

Complete follow-up services and eye exams to check on your eye health and contact lens fit are provided in our offices in Painesville, Highland Heights, Mentor, and Chagrin Falls. We’ll continue to monitor your eyes over the long-term. If you experience any symptoms of irritation or redness from your lenses, please contact us immediately for assistance.

Whether you’re considering contact lenses for the first time, or your vision needs have changed and you need to find a new type of lens, come speak with us at Family EyeCare Clinic. If you have an updated prescription, just come to the most convenient eye doctor's office near you. Bring your prescription and we’ll help you optimize your vision with contact lenses. But if you need to update your prescription, call or book a contact lens appointment online.

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Contact Lens Exclusive Rebates

Contact Lens Rebates

Want to save money on contact lenses? At Family EyeCare Clinic we have exclusive rebates on the most popular brands of contact lenses.

  • INSTANT up to $60.00 rebate when a year supply of contact lenses are ordered.
  • Up to $200.00 rebate on Alcon Dailies products.
  • Up to 160.00 rebate on Acuvue 1- Day products from Vistakon.
  • Up to $135.00 rebate on CooperVision Clariti 1 Day products.

For more information visit our rebates page.

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