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Designer Frames

Designer Frames

We have an extensive selection of eyewear including the latest styles in designer sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses.

We Have An Exstensive Selection Of The Lastest Styles

Opticians Pick   Aspire 330x130

Aspire uses innovative manufacturing technology allowing the brand to keep up with the emerging eyewear trends

Opticians Pick   Banana Republic 330x130

Banana Republic, well known for its sophisticated fashion apparel line, now offers its traditional and unique design perspective.

Opticians Pick   BCBG 330x130

The collection is easy to wear and creates a stunning blend of romantic avant-garde design and bold, sexy looks.

Opticians Pick   Bebe 330x130

Bebe eyewear presents a sophisticated yet playful look an attitude that is defined by the modern, confident, sexy woman.

Opticians Pick   BobbiBrown 330x130

The Bobbi Brown Eyewear collection offers something for everyone. Even men can choose from a variety of unisex styles.

Opticians Pick Carrera 330x130

Carrera eyewear combines style and comfort in creating cutting edge frames that represent authenticity and craftsmanship.

Opticians Pick   Flexon2 330x130

Flexon is ideal for individuals with an active lifestyle seeking, ease, comfort and durability in their eyewear.

Opticians Pick   Gucci 1 300x116

The Gucci eyewear collection is a perfect blend of Italian tradition and luxury with shapes and styles for men and women.

Opticians Pick   iZod 330x130

Designed for durability and comfort, IZOD is a perfect fit for an active lifestyle. When you want performance, comfort and fashion.

Opticians Pick   Kate Spade 330x130

The Kate Spade eyewear frames are fashionable and functional. Available in a large selection of colours and styles.

Opticians Pick   MarkEcko 330x130

Marc Ecko Cut & Sew Eyewear collection is an expression of artistic creativity for men who know that authenticity counts.

Opticians Pick   Nautica 330x130

The Nautica eyewear collection provides a comfortable fit with authentic styling and high performance standards.

Nike 600x250 300x125

Nike Vision offers the best in sports sunglasses and the latest sunglasses technology, helping you achieve better performance.

Opticians Pick   Nine West 330x130

Modern, sexy style of the brand is captured by vibrant colors, trendy patterns and chic embellishments that defines their eyewear

Opticians Pick   Ovvo 330x130

Modern, sexy style of the brand is captured by vibrant colors, trendy patterns and chic embellishments that defines their eyewear

Ray Ban 600x250

Ray Ban sunglasses were created to protect aviators from the damaging rays of the sun, but also look elegant.

Opticians Pick   Seraphin 330x130

Seraphin, the elite, neoclassic collection of OGI Eyewear, maintains the vision of OGI- finely crafted yet affordable eyewear.

Opticians Pick   Fossil 330x130

Silhouette’s stunning eyewear designs which are inspired by approaching eyewear as an accessory to one’s appearance.

Opticians Pick   Valentino 330x130

Their design philosophy is to combine the classic and historic values of the brand with their more contemporary vision.

Opticians Pick   Vera Bradley 330x130

Their design philosophy is to combine the classic and historic values of the brand with their more contemporary vision.

  • Aspire
  • Banana Republic
  • BCBG Maxazria
  • Bebe
  • Bobbi Brown
  • Carrera Color
  • Flexon By Marchon
  • Gucci
  • Izod
  • Kate Spade
  • Marc Ecko
  • Nautica
  • Nike Vision
  • Nine West
  • OVVO
  • Polaroid
  • Ray-Ban
  • RecSpecs
  • Safilo
  • Seraphin
  • Silhouette
  • Suntrends
  • TMX
  • Valentino
  • Vera Bradley
  • Eyewear for Life
  • Bringing a fresh twist on classic apparel to men and women around the world.
  • The modern, feminine frame for the glamorous, fashion conscious woman.
  • Sexy, feminine eyewear for the fashion-forward, sensual and confident woman.
  • The first line of eyewear designed by a beauty expert, Bobbi Brown Eyewear has a look made for you.
  • Every pair of Carerra eyeglasses is carefully designed to fit the needs of people living in the fast lane of life.
  • The eyewear with a memory. Memory metal titanium eyewear that always returns to its original shape.
  • Gucci represents world class luxury, Italian heritage and modern style. The latest in glamour and fashion always makes a women feel special.
  • Sport-inspired, all American design, IZOD eyewear is crafted for optimal fit and performance.
  • Kate Spade has a strong sense of personal style and a passion for color. The eyewear collection is designed with the classic, elegant, and feminine styling that is so unique to Kate Spade.
  • This highly-wearable collection is sexy, stealth, and within reach. Constructed from especially robust materials with an eye towards durability, Marc Ecko frames will leave you feeling confident in yourself and your eyewear.
  • At Nautica we celebrate, love and respect the water, everywhere, everyday. Nautica eyewear is modern classic style inspired by the water.
  • A trusted brand in sportswear, it  goes without saying that with Nikevision, the same applies.  Their lightweight, stylish, flexible and durable eyeglasses are second to none.
  • Nine West goes from the runway to your closet - you’re gonna need a bigger closet.

  • OVVO eyewear is a flawless piece of art, sophisticated, comfortable, durable and flexible.
  • Originally created for pilots in the 1930's Ray-Ban remains a leader in style, comfort, and quality to this day.
  • See the World You Have Been Missing, Revo.
  • Inspired by a time where sophistication and romance drove fashion, Seraphin celebrates the glamour of retro style.
  • "Feel Lite, Show Style“ is the promise of the Silhouette eyewear brand, promoting the lite way of life.
  • Made in Italy, Valentino is excellence translated into elegance.
  • Capture the beauty of Vera Bradley handbags bringing various styles, colors, and her classic quilted patterns into your eye wear.

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