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BluTech Lenses

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Not All Blueblocking Lenses Are The Same

Introducing BluTech® Lenses, designed to enhance your comfort, vision and eye safety during work and play.

Family EyeCare Clinic are pleased to announce that we have been prescribing BluTech Lenses to our patients for almost 10 years. We pride ourselves on providing the latest technology and best lenses for our patients. These lenses are available in prescription and nonprescription, indoor and outdoor lenses. If you have Dry Eye Syndrome and work on the computer all day, the BluTech Lenses are perfect for you. Make an appointment and discuss with our doctors and opticians about the BluTech Lenses to see how they can benefit your eye health.

High Energy Visible (HEV) Blue light exists outdoors directly from natural sunlight as well as in your own home – mostly coming from digital machines and compact fluorescent lightings. Research demonstrates that blue light might impair our eyesight in addition to our total health, associating it with digital eye exertion, retina trouble, worsening problems of eye maladies such as diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration and interrupted sleep patterns.

BluTech Lenses are a revolutionary solution for the lifelong preservation of eye health and prevention of macular degeneration. BluTech lenses offer maximum coverage as well as improved performance when it comes to interior along with exterior environments, through naturally purifying the high energy wavelengths which are one of the most awful to your eyes along with your overall health.

Benefits of BluTech Lenses

  • UV ray and high-energy blue light protection
  • Natural depth and color perception
  • Improves visual acuity and night vision
  • Improves contrast and reduces glare
  • High Impact resistant
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Independent Studies Have Favored BluTech Lenses

Our Family Eye Care Clinics have been using BluTech for 10 years and studies, including one from Harvard and Nova, have shown that BluTech did better against all other blue light lenses.

Lenses that filter blue light almost doubled nighttime melatonin levels, reduced awakenings, and enhanced at least one measure of cognition in a randomized controlled trial that assessed these outcomes in wearers of BluTech Lenses. -Blue Light-Blocking Glasses May Help, Study Suggests - Medscape - Oct 14, 2017

"Our conclusion is that BluTech Lenses appear to help regulate melatonin, which may improve sleep and cognition," Ryab-Quang Van, Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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Why do I need BluTech Lenses?

With the upsurge in electronic devices, your eyes are exposed to increasing levels of harmful light spectrums. BluTech Lenses protect your eyes from the dangers of high levels of UV rays and harmful, high-energy blue light for a lifetime of vision preservation. Blue light may also aggrevate your Dry Eye condition after hours of exposure from computer screens or other electronic devices.

Who should wear BluTech Lenses?

Everyone interested in preserving lifelong healthy vision should wear BluTech Lenses and those who are at high-risk of macular degeneration will especially benefit from wearing BluTech Lenses. Anyone with Dry Eye Syndrome could also benefit from wearing BluTech Lenses.

What are the dangers of blue light?

Blue light causes the gradual oxidation and deterioration of the macula over your lifetime, leaving our eyes exposed and susceptible to developing macular degeneration. BluTech Lenses provide a protective barrier by directly infusing the perfect amount of ocular lens pigment and melanin into the lenses. This patented technology allows for optimal protection without altering or distorting color perception.

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What are the sources of blue light?

You encounter blue light in everyday activities. Fluorescent lighting, electronic screens (phones, tablets, computers, TVs, etc.), and the sun emit damaging high-energy blue light.

What is macular degeneration?

Macular degeneration is the progressive deterioration of the macula and is the leading cause of visual impairment. Hastened by blue light exposure, macular degeneration deteriorates healthy cells within the macula, affecting your central frame of vision. This loss of vision affects reading, writing, driving, color perception, and other cognitive functions. Serious complications can lead to blindness.

Who is at risk?

Those with light-colored hair, eyes, and skin as well as people over the age of fifty are at high risk due to insufficient amounts of protective pigments in the eye. People who have undergone cataract removal surgery are also at high risk.

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BluTech: For Sports

BluTech lenses are really superb for athletics fanatics by means of supplying high performance and high definition vision. The lenses are really polarized to lower glare and shut out UVA as well as UVB radiation, while at the same time making it possible for the appropriate wavelengths to pass through for realistic color perception. This minimizes eyestrain and also enables relaxed and worry-free eyesight.

BluTech really spruces up clarity and object definition whether you are finessing on the green, throwing a line on the water or driving in the dead of night.


BluTech: For Digital Devices

BluTech technology furthermore lets the wearer look at digital instruments such as smartphones and tablets, digital automobile dash panels, fish-finders or digital sports accessories in the absence of distortion, enabling you to play and drive without any the need to remove your eyeglasses.

BluTech Lenses Are Great For:

  • People who devote more than 3 hours a day staring at a computer
    or digital product
  • Driving through the day or at night
  • Golfing, fishing, baseball and exterior sporting activities buffs
  • Online gaming fanatics
  • Children engaged in sports or personal computers
  • Teens who use smartphones or tablets
  • Anyone who intends to protect their eyes and eyesight from the
    harmful ramifications of blue light.
  • Patients at risk for Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)
  • Post-cataract patients

BluTech uses a proprietary formulation offering more complete near-clear blue light protection

BluTech Polarized lenses protect your eyes min

BluTech Polarized

Whether it’s a phone, IPad, laptop, ATM or gas pump… they all go dark when viewed with ordinary polarized sunglasses. Not anymore. BluTech combines a polarizer with natural pigments and dyes to ensure that whatever device you are viewing outside is, well… readable.

Get Glare Protection AND Readability Outdoors
Polarized sunglasses aren’t much help when reading a digital device outdoors. In fact, they make things worse. UNTIL NOW. BluTech Polarized solves the readability challenge. It combines a polarizing film to protect you from glare with natural pigments and dyes to make any device-readable outdoors. SMART

BluTech Ultra

BluTech, the gold standard for blue light protection, introduces BluTech ULTRA. It features Blue Light Plus™ — a proprietary formulation offering more complete near-clear blue light protection.

BluTech Ultra At-A-Glance

  • Lighter, constant density color, regardless of prescription
  • Protection encapsulated in lens, won’t scratch or wear off
  • Polycarbonate – lightweight, impact resistant and 100% UV protection
  • Plano, single vision, and progressive
BluTech Ultra
Bluetech Max min

BluTech MAX

BluTech MAX offers the highest level of blue light filtration of any lens in our collection. It features Blue Light Plus™ — a proprietary formulation offering a more complete near-clear blue light protection.

Ideal Candidates forBluTech Max

  • Emmetropic children and adultsContact lens wearers Adults at risk for macular-related issues
  • Post-cataract and Lasik patients

Dr Figler has enjoyed the many years of seeing patients at Family EyeCare Clinic and Kane and Figler Optometry and appreciated their confidence in his skills. The growth of his own practice in Slavic Village requires more of his attention located at 7211 Broadway Ave Cleveland, OH or call 216-641-0055 or visit his website We wish him the best of luck from the Family EyeCare Clinic.