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Our WOW Guarantee

black dogDid the dog eat Your Glasses? We Have You Covered!

Great glasses are a pretty big investment. And while we firmly believe that they are worth it, we also realize that it is important to have the peace of mind that your investment into a quality pair of glasses is protected. That is why we have the WOW guarantee for all frames that are purchased at any of our four convenient Northeast Ohio locations, Mentor, Highland Heights, Painseville and Chagrin Falls.

We Offer You Our WOW Guarantee

The WOW guarantee is a no question asked 12-month guarantee from our optical that no matter what we will fix or replace your glasses, even if your dog ate them for breakfast (not recommended). Our WOW guarantee is just another reason why buying glasses from our Optical is the smart choice.


The WOW Frame & Lens Guarantee

Family EyeCare Clinic would like to thank you for choosing our office for your eyewear needs. The eye care staff in our office are professional, knowledgeable, and prepared to help you whichever way they can.

Our Total Guarantee

If breakage of any kind occurs, for any reason, in the 12 months following your purchase, we will replace the frame or lenses for a co-payment of $25.00.

Important Eyewear Information

  • Use a soft cloth to clean your glasses, not paper towels, to prevent scratching.
  • Chemicals such as hairspray and window cleaner can cause damage to your lenses and frames. Use only spray approved by your optometrist, or use plain water when cleaning the lenses and frames.

*Fine print: Our guarantee varies according to insurance, union, or vision care plans. The guarantee does not cover theft or loss. In the event that you need to use our guarantee, you will be asked to return the old lenses and/or frames in exchange for an undamaged pair.

Dr Figler has enjoyed the many years of seeing patients at Family EyeCare Clinic and Kane and Figler Optometry and appreciated their confidence in his skills. The growth of his own practice in Slavic Village requires more of his attention located at 7211 Broadway Ave Cleveland, OH or call 216-641-0055 or visit his website We wish him the best of luck from the Family EyeCare Clinic.