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We design our eye exams with attention to your eye health and unique visual needs. We check for a range of vision problems and screen for eye diseases, using a variety of procedures and top-notch technology.


Anything from a mild foreign substance to a foreign object lodged in your eye can cause pain and damage to delicate eye tissues. Eye infections may be responsible for red or pink eyes, and/or soreness. Our eye doctors are trained and experienced in treating a full range of eye emergencies.

We are your No.1 provider of all contact lens services and products in Northeast Ohio. Our special mission is to ensure that all of our patients enjoy clear and comfortable contacts! Our eye doctors will evaluate your vision and eyes thoroughly to recommend the perfect contact lenses.


Dr Figler has enjoyed the many years of seeing patients at Family EyeCare Clinic and Kane and Figler Optometry and appreciated their confidence in his skills. The growth of his own practice in Slavic Village requires more of his attention located at 7211 Broadway Ave Cleveland, OH or call 216-641-0055 or visit his website We wish him the best of luck from the Family EyeCare Clinic.